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“Dundes bank TopLoan Online”: New Internet service from a proven source

The provider of the product is (as the name suggests) Dundes bank, one of the largest banks worldwide and known to consumers as a universal bank.

The company is based in Frankfurt am Main and is the largest credit institution in Germany with total assets of $ 2,186 billion and 98,219 employees (both figures at the end of 2012). Founded in 1870, customers can obtain all financial products here, from bonds, accounts, insurance to certificates.

In recent years, the institute has stepped up its online offering – “TopLoan Online” is a product that is characterized by favorable conditions.

Quick online loan decision for employees

Quick online loan decision for employees

The “TopLoan Online” product is aimed at online customers who have a secure income, little debt and no negative credit bureau entry. Other requirements:

  • The customer must be of legal age and his place of residence is in Germany.
  • He is outside the trial period.
  • He is neither self-employed nor a partner or a shareholder.
  • He acts on his own responsibility.

The credit decision is made particularly quickly after the application has been submitted online, and the payment takes only a short period of time.

You can apply for 1,000 to 40,000 USD with a flexibly selectable term of twelve to 84 months. Disadvantage of the offer: in different tests (e.g. Stiftung Warentest and “Focus Money”) the product was able to convince with poor service values. Nevertheless, secure online transmission is guaranteed.

Rescheduling at variable interest rates only online

Rescheduling at variable interest rates only online

The offer is exclusively available on the Internet. Nevertheless, the “TopLoan Online” is also suitable to replace loans from other institutions. The bank takes over the refinancing and all the necessary steps.

Apart from that, the loan can also be used without commitment. Special repayments are possible on request, however, early repayment of the entire loan amount can only be made after nine months (earliest date six months after closing plus a three-month notice period).

There are no processing fees. However, Dundes bank still excels in its competence as a branch bank. A month exempt from the rate and credit insurance are only available for offers from the branch. A credit protection of the online product is therefore not possible.

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