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Loan Now: here are the quickest solutions

Loan Now: here are the quickest solutions

Do you need a Loan Now? We reassure you immediately, as the credit market makes available to the applicant different types of valid products to obtain loans in a few hours, therefore to meet your needs.

In fact, financial institutions and banks offer multiple solutions, with the aim of responding to the request of the applicant to obtain the disbursement of the loan quickly. We see below the three most effective and fastest solutions to access the loan immediately.

Loan now: the three best solutions

Loan now: the three best solutions

The personal loan

Do you need a loan immediately so immediate liquidity of a small amount? The personal loan could be what you need. Its main feature is speed. The preliminary investigation takes place in a short time, it is in fact possible to carry it out in a few hours, so as to obtain the loans immediately; your request may be further accelerated if you apply online. We recommend that you also see the same day urgent loans.

The loan finalized

The loan aimed unlike the personal loan is linked to the purchase of a specific asset.

Let’s take a closer look at the loan aimed at: this type of financing can only be turned on in case of installment purchase of an asset, such as a motorcycle. In this case we are in the field of consumer credit. The peculiarities of this solution are:

  • procedure mainly managed by the shopkeeper who mediates with the bank, guaranteeing assistance and speed
  • very attractive interest rates

The assignment of the fifth

Comparing the three solutions, the Cessione del Quinto is certainly the most balanced even if it does not boast the same speed compared to the personal loan and the final loan. Let’s discover the particularities together.

Loan Immediately with Transfer of the Fifth

Loan Immediately with Transfer of the Fifth

The applicant choosing the assignment of the fifth will have access to an unrestricted value as for the finalized loan or as for the personal loan with regard to the value. In fact, the advantage of this choice also lies in the maximum amount payable which can even reach 90,000 USD.

The assignment of the fifth allows to obtain further advantages:

  • Convenience in the payment of the installments
  • Very low rates
  • Sustainability
  • Average long repayment period

Let’s see in detail:

– Convenience in the payment of the installments: after the disbursement of the loan you will not have to do anything anymore, in fact the installment will be reduced directly from the envelope, your employer will pay the payment to the Bank or financial institution.

– Very low rates : evaluate yourself by making an online quote is very fast.

– Sustainability: to avoid an excessive load of debts, Italian law has established that the installment of the transfer of the fifth must not exceed 20% of its net income (for this reason this type of loan is called “fifth”). Therefore you will have 80% of your income available to support you.

– Average long repayment period: the maximum duration of a transfer is 10 years, a fairly large period of time for a convenient return, without binding for a long time as in the case of a mortgage.

To conclude, given the different types, we can say that although the procedure is more elaborate and the time to instruct the practice slightly longer, the assignment of the fifth can be the best solution , if you are trying to get a high amount, being patient for a few days.

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