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Where does your money go when you invest?

Millions of people in the world deposit their money in a bank or other financial institution. They do it because they expect a performance. But we never wonder about the fate of our savings.


And this is the key to the problem

credit problem

I explain: when you make a deposit, obviously your money does not stay in the bank. That money circulates. It is, so to speak, “generating a meeting”:

  • On the one hand, there are people who have money, but do not know what to do with it.
  • On the other hand, there are people who have ideas and projects, but no money.
  • The financial institution’s job is to put them in touch. This benefits both parties.


Have you ever wondered where your money will go?

Have you ever wondered where your money will go?

Have you ever wondered what social reality your capital is generating in the world , in the country, in your community?

Because it is not the same as that money is financing the military industry, which promotes wars, that is helping a single mother to get a better education for her son, so they have better opportunities than she had.

Is not the same. It is our duty as agents of the financial system to generate an “ethical economy . ” In other words:

It DOES matter where your money ends.

Therefore, when we start Fine Finance, we set out a fundamental premise: We must make money have an ethical use, therefore, this must be a company where the destiny of credit is important.

And this implies that as an institution we must give transparency to the money entrusted to us by investors. So you, as an investor, MUST know who receives your money and how it is benefiting from your capital. To achieve this, in Fine Finance we do 5 different things from the other financial institutions:

1. The project must have some impact on the quality of life of the client. We want to improve the situation of the person who receives it … not harm it. The loan should alleviate the situation of some family … improve the micro business of a Mexican … improve the quality of life of a worker with a lower rate than what you have today.

2. We carefully examine the person to whom you will lend your money. The project must be viable and the person must have financial solvency. That he has shown in his record that he is a good payer.

3. You can carefully choose who you lend it to. In our portal you have the complete information about each project. So you can choose, for example, if you lend only to women … or if you choose a person who wants to improve your home … or a person who needs money to increase the inventory of your business and thus increase your sales.

4. You can monitor your payment performance. In our portal you can enter to see the behavior of each of your investments.

5. Give you complete legal certainty. Unlike many of the institutions that offer loans, Fine Finance is fully registered and monitored by the National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV), an institution in charge of protecting you.

As of today, Fine Finance has made more than 11 thousand loans. Each one is the story of a person or a family that now has a better chance of having a better life.

Today there are very few institutions that offer you this transparency about the fate of your money. However, this transparency is something that is required for an “ethical economy.”

I hope there are more and more initiatives like that.

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